Hosting of the ITP Programme rotates among ISBM member schools.  For the academic year 2019- 2020 edition we are delighted to welcome participants to London Business School, in London, United Kingdom.

Founded in 1964, in our brief history we have already established ourselves as a world-class destination for business education and rank among the best international business schools in the world.

The ITP programme – delivered by world-class teachers, for teachers- is dedicated to helping you, as a business/management school faculty member, enhance your skills, capabilities and mind-set.

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The ITP experience is designed to help you succeed in your academic career. As we all know, there are complex, often competing and sometimes even contradictory criteria for “success” around the roles and importance of teaching, of research and scholarship and, increasingly, around administrative duties.

Previous participants have found the programme hugely beneficial, allowing them to take their teaching to the next level whether junior faculty building their confidence and network, or more seasoned faculty who have recently won tenure or are being promoted and looking to invest more time in their teaching.

Our goal is for you to find your best self as a teacher’ finding your best teaching style from the array of different methods available.

Module 1: Sunday afternoon through  to Friday Morning,  5-10 January 2020

Module 2: Monday evening through to Friday morning, 22-26 June 2020

The International Teachers Programme accepts a limited number of participants. Admissions are on a rolling basis. We encourage you to apply as soon as possible, and no later than 10 November 2019 for the 2020 programme. Applicants will receive an answer within 3 to 5 weeks.

Applicants must be a faculty member of a business/management school, be proficient in English, and be able to fully participate in both residential modules.


If you should need to cancel your place please contact us in writing immediately. A full refund of the programme fee can only be given if cancellation is made by Sunday 20 October 2019. After this date no refund may be given but you may nominate a suitable substitute, subject to acceptance by the ITP programme committee.

The cost for the ITP programme is £12,500 sterling (including vat). This covers tuition fee, personal coaching, educational materials, accommodation and meals. Travel costs, insurance and visas are the responsibility of the participant. An invoice for the total amount of £12,500, will be sent with confirmation of the participant’s admission and is payable within 30 days.

  • Faculty at any rank who care about real excellence in teaching, including junior faculty who have at least two years of teaching experience
  • Faculty who are at career inflection points, such as having recently won tenure or been promoted, who are now interested in devoting a greater share of their time to further developing their teaching
  • Faculty who have achieved competence in teaching one kind of audience and would like to extend their skills to other audiences
  • Faculty holding institutional responsibilities that include faculty development and/or pedagogical development
  • Faculty who would benefit from joining, learning from, and/or contributing to a vibrant global network of such individuals.

ITP at London Business School academic year 2019/2020

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